Overview of the various optimization options

NEW at AdUp: The automatic campaign optimization. In this article, you'll learn what it's all about - and what other options there are for optimal campaign performance.


With this option, the CPCs are individually controlled and optimally set by the AdUp algorithm based on the target CPO. This increases the performance of the campaign in the long term. Please note that the campaign initially goes into a "learning phase" in order to be able to optimise as best as possible.


With this option, the target CPO is used to calculate protective factors. If the set max. CPC would lead to significantly higher conversion costs, these automatically lower the bid and thus act as a protective upper limit.

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No protection factors are formed for this option. If higher conversion costs are expected, the maximum CPC bid is not devalued. The CPCs are controlled manually only. We recommend manual campaign optimization only for experienced users or for advertisers with campaigns without conversion.

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