How the
AdUp Ads Tool works_

In our AdUp Ads Tool, we connect campaigns with publishers using machine learning and automation. We think campaigns further. How? Read on to find out.

Playout logic

From the advertising media to the impression_

No ad just shows up on a website, each step follows the previous one in a meaningful way - all for performance. Read on and find out how!

  1. Placement selection

    In the beginning was the advertiser. In the campaign settings, he chooses granularly on which websites he wants to be played and assigns a maximum CPC bid in each case.

  2. Creation of internal ranking

    If an impression is generated on a web page, the information enters our system. All campaigns that have selected this website as a placement are now ranked. Decisive for the order is the amount of the CPC bid and the predicted click probability.

  3. Impression distribution

    Depending on how many unique ads exist per publisher ad unit, one or more impressions are given to the first X or X of our internal ranking.

  4. Programmatic Purchasing Special Case

    If the publisher is not directly integrated with us, but we access the traffic programmatically, we do not receive the impression directly, but first only an auction in which we can participate. There we have to win against the competition with a CPM bid from our bidder, so that the impression can come into our system as in the other case and is then filled with one or more ads via the internal ranking.

Your account

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Our strength

What we do

Performance marketing can be very time-consuming for advertisers. Only with optimal CPC allocation, permanent control and adjustment of bids, you can make your campaign successful. Is that annoying? We think so too. That's why we develop solutions every day that take work off the advertiser's hands and can implement the optimization even more precisely than we can ourselves.

Start CPCs

The allocation of CPC bids for all placements of your campaign can depend on so many variables that we have simply developed a function that makes you a suggestion for each one. The system analyzes similar campaigns and their performance per device and page every second and knows what you can bet on.

Supported playout

So that you can sleep well, we have developed the function of the supported optimization. Here, a protective shield is erected on the basis of your target CPO. Whenever a maximum CPC bid would lead to significantly higher conversion costs, the system automatically lowers the bid.


If you don't have time to optimize the CPCs during the campaign, our CPC Bot can do all the work for you. Here, the CPCs are permanently set and controlled individually based on the set target CPO.

QF, Watchdog and other magic

In many other parts of the system, machine learning functions enable predictions, evaluations or decisions to save you and us work. For example, internal ranking to determine delivery is based on predicted click probability, our watchdog scans and classifies inventory, and our click fraud mechanisms ensure that only the right clicks count.

What's new_

Every day we work on new features that others only dream of. Here you can see our latest innovations.