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We want to give everyone exactly the stage they deserve. That's why at AdUp we develop online marketing solutions for EVERYONE. Our core business is Native Performance Marketing with self-booking tools for complete transparency and control. But you can also do classic display or affiliate marketing with us or dive into regional marketing via our ARA tool.

Marketing goals

Tell us what you want, we'll tell you what you need._

There are many tools in the colorful world of marketing. We offer you one-stop solutions for all your campaign goals.


You want performance - sit back, that's our core business! Either via Native CPC campaigns in the CPC Tool or classic Affiliate Marketing, we find exactly your users and bring the leads.

Solution Native CPC (Specs) or Affiliate


Do you want your company on the big stage? Do you want the whole country to hear your message? Then take advantage of our display advertising offer. We will discuss the details with you and will be happy to manage your campaign.

Solution classic display TKP

Start into online marketing

You want to make your company and its services known in your environment with simple means? Then start with ARA. With our tool for regional advertising, you can create your first campaign in just four simple steps.

Solution ARA Display TKP


We find exactly the right traffic for your campaign_

As experts in the DACH area, we connect advertisers and publishers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2021, we also serve France and the UK for the travel segment. We serve an extensive network of websites, newsletters and apps. As we are part of the Axel Springer family, there is also a big focus on this inventory.

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We'll find who you're looking for_

You know your target group? Now you just have to find them. In the campaign settings of your advertiser account, we offer extensive targeting options so that you can advertise without wastage.

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Content & Environment

Whether "Homeowners" or "Sustainability", with our content targeting we find exactly the content to which your ads best fit based on the content of the pages. You also have the choice to differentiate between newsletters and websites and to select thematic channels or environments, such as sports, finance or travel.


In keyword targeting, ads are automatically targeted either content-sensitive on thematically relevant websites, on matching search queries of the user or on optimally matching search queries recently saved in the user profile.


In geo-targeting, you can select countries, specific regions or states or postcode areas. This is even possible up to the fifth digit.


Native retargeting dynamically assembles ad blanks based on your product feed and the customer's interest, using placeholders in the ad copy for each product individually.


Devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) can be distinguished, as well as the operating system (iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows).


Your campaigns can also be focused on specific time slots (day and time targeting).

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What distinguishes us

We at AdUp are curious, open and ambitious. We work on expanding our systems every day - be it handling or implementing exciting ideas and improvements.

Ads For Everyone

We offer systems for everyone - experienced marketing managers can work with our tools and pursue their goals just as well as curious people who start their first steps in advertising.

Innovation For Everyone

We live performance through technology. Every day we work on new features that minimize our customers' effort and maximize performance, breaking new ground that others shy away from.

Freedom For Everyone

With us there are no contract periods, minimum budgets or volumes. We want our products to be accessible to everyone and we don't want there to be any barriers that prevent anyone from getting started in publishing or advertising. Therefore, numbers are also as simple as possible. Find our options here.

Native advertising from a single source

AdUp Technology is part of the Axel Springer family_

Together with all other advertising market-related business segments of Axel Springer SE, we at AdUp are a company of Axel Springer All Media GmbH.

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