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Our portfolio covers a wide range of innovative advertising formats, covering the most diverse needs of advertisers - from performance to content to brand marketing. With Ad Up, enjoy the diversity of online marketing and launch campaigns with outstanding results. We would be happy to advise you on which advertising format suits your requirements to prepare an individually tailored offer.

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Ad Up native Ads

Native Ads for Advertiser

Relevant interactions

Ad Up offers you a flexible CPC model with high click rates and relevant user actions. You only pay if there is an actual user interaction. Reach the user in a phase of maximum attention and guide him/her to your website in a targeted manner.

Detect conversions accurately

Performance made easy. With Ad Up native Ads you always know exactly how well your advertising works. Conversions are presented transparently and in a way that allows you to benefit from maximum transparency.

Premium formats on all devices

With Ad Up you advertise on Top AGOF sites and exclusive travel portals. The high-quality image/text combinations are presented in the entire publisher environment in a powerful and optimal way on all devices.


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Native Ads for Publishers

Stay focused

We fulfil your wishes, regardless of special variants such as AMP pages or individual formats such as fly-in ads. We achieve first-class usability through high-quality and responsive layouts on all devices. Coupled with our optimized integration, you can quickly and easily achieve your goals.

Make optimal use of every page impression

Because of our well-balanced campaign portfolio we are able to process every AdRequest optimally. Integrate the native ads directly on your website or via third-party providers, e. g. DFP, and benefit from extremely short loading times based on our many years of technological experience.

Increase your advertising revenues

With Ad Up, your environment is monetized first-class. Through our TKP-optimized playout, we achieve excellent revenues for our publishers. Stay up to date with our reports and receive full transparency about your achieved sales.

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Agile Development – made in Berlin

Superior algorithms

Flexibility is one of our greatest assets. We constantly develop our algorithms further so that we are always one step ahead of the competition and can provide you with the best performance.

Approved Brand Safety

Our self-developed tool regularly checks and monitors the programmatic traffic, so that you can sleep comfortably while your campaigns are online.

Greater context sensitivity for more sales

Millions of keywords are processed automatically in the background and played out context-sensitive.

Ad Up Display – Advertising

The exclusively marketed portfolio currently includes various high-quality travel portals, as well as portals in the areas of retail, finance and general interest. Within the extensive portfolio, you can book performance-oriented formats via our display advertising, newsletter integrations and mailings. We are always at your side for the planning and implementation of your campaign, as well as for individual inquiries!

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Targeting for Display-Advertising

To select and address specific target groups, we use the targeting technology of across all our portals. AG is a provider of a technologically leading targeting solution that significantly reduces wastage in online advertising, extends its reach and noticeably increases the advertising impact. With classic behavioral targeting, the placement of advertising material is only made dependent on the user's behaviour and the pages that the respective user has called up beforehand. Predictive behavioral targeting links such online usage data with current survey data on demographics, product interests and lifestyle. In this way, information such as age, gender, income and product preferences are assigned to users in real time, in order to increase the relevant target group for the advertised product.

Technical features

Play out your campaigns in a differentiated way on the basis of special technical features. Benefit from the selection of different browser types, as well as the timing of your advertising material’s broadcasts

User targeting

Geographical features such as country, state, region and postcode make your campaign appear at exactly the right place. With additional user-specific data in communities such as age, gender, etc. your campaign will reach your target group optimally.


Reach potential customers in a phase of highest attention by using selected environments. Our content targeting enables you to create individual traffic sources based on product environments and specific categories.



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