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Between content creation and publishing, you also need to get the sales right in the digital business? We'll gladly take over this task for you. With our AdUp Ads tool, you can easily sign up, register your pages and design ad units and layouts. And after installation, everything runs all by itself. Read on and find out more.

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Our AdUp Ads tool always works in your interest. To achieve maximum performance, it is based on maximum CPC bids. Advertisers set a value for all pages of their campaign or individually. An impression is then distributed to the top campaign(s) by our proprietary internal ranking. It combines the CPC bid and the click probability to give you the highest possible CPM.


Mobile, tablet or desktop - no matter what traffic you're offering, we're happy to find the perfect campaign for it.


You can also register newsletters in our AdUp Ads Tool. Just create a mother page or visit our support pages.

App Traffic

If you are looking for an affiliate to monetize app traffic, you can use the same setup as for a regular website.

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What awaits you in your Publisher Account_

Every day we work to make our tool the best on the market to enable you to achieve your goals. Should you decide to put everything in our hands, we are happy to take over as part of our managed service offering.

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We want you to look the way you want to look! That's why we make sure our Layout Wizzard offers as many options as possible. So you can design layouts that fit your content perfectly.


After designing your layouts, you will find extensive options to integrate the ad units on your website: AMP, responsive or static, synchronous or asynchronous


Here at AdUp, we want to offer you the greatest possible security and control. Therefore, you can blacklist and whitelist on different levels within your account, either by sensitive categories or domains.


We love numbers! That's why you'll find all relevant KPIs in your publisher account. The numbers are completely up to date and run with only one hour delay in the system. You can group all statistics in the way that suits you best and download them as csv. or xlsx. files. Download.

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AdUp Technology is part of the Axel Springer family_

Together with all other advertising market-related business segments of Axel Springer SE, we at AdUp are a company of Axel Springer All Media GmbH.

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