How can I load money into my account?

In the Native CPC Tool at AdUp, we mainly work with prepayments. How you load money into your account and what options there are, you can read here.


The easiest and fastest way is Paypal. To do this, go to the page "Billing" > "Make payment". There you select the amount of your payment in the upper Paypal area and click on "pay with Paypal. As soon as we have received the money, it will be credited to your advertiser and you can start your campaigns. You will receive your invoice 10 days after the end of the month for viewing in your account ("Billing" > "Invoice overview").

Bank transfer

Create a reference number in the advertiser frontend on the page "Billing" > "Make payment" and enter it in your transfer. Shortly after we have received your transfer with the corresponding reference number, we will credit the amount to your user account. With this, the placement of your ads can begin. You will be invoiced for the advertising fee on a monthly basis. The invoice will be stored electronically in your user account for you to view 10 days after the end of the month. In your Advertiser Dashboard (the start page as soon as you log in) we will inform you as soon as your credit is almost used up.


Depending on the credit rating by AdUp, you may also have the option to make additional payments. In order to ensure proper payment, AdUp reserves the right to conduct a credit check. In this case, you will be invoiced monthly for the advertising fee 10 days after the end of the month and it will be stored in electronic form in your user account for viewing. The invoice amount must be paid within the agreed payment period. If you choose the payment option "payment in arrears", the first ad will be placed after agreement between you and AdUp. If the advertising fee does not exceed the amount of 50 Euro, AdUp is entitled not to invoice it immediately, but to carry it forward to the next billing date. If the advertising fee is less than 10 Euro per calendar month, AdUp may charge a handling fee of 5 Euro, unless you can prove lower costs. Regardless of this, AdUp Technology reserves the right to stop deliveries and services until the claims are settled.