How do I create a campaign?

Welcome as a new advertiser to AdUp, where we get you ready for your first campaign.


Via your campaign overview you will get to the button "Create campaign". First, name your campaign - this name will only be visible in the system - and enter the budget and the desired duration. Then you have the option to choose between the standard and the accelerated switching method. With the exception of special cases, we recommend spreading the budget over the entire day or campaign duration. You can take even more selective measures via ad scheduling to play your ads only on certain days at certain times.

Now you have the possibility to define different targetings. For example, define the exact locations where users receive your ad down to the zip code or determine the devices through which they are to be reached. For even better click and conversion numbers, we also offer native retargeting.

New to us is the automatic optimization feature. With this option, the CPCs are individually controlled and optimally set by the AdUp algorithm based on the target CPO. This increases the performance of the campaign in the long run. Please note that the campaign first goes into a "learning phase" in order to be able to optimize in the best possible way.

You can now define URL options at campaign level. These will automatically be applied to all ad groups, ads and keywords in the campaign.

Use Dynamic Ads to create custom ads with placeholders.

Ad group

An ad group can include one or more ads and associated keywords and/or direct placements. Specify the name of the ad group and make settings for Max. CPC and ad rotation.


You can create a text-only ad or an image-text ad. Start with a name and specify the title, text and displayed URL of your ad. If you want to customize your content by location or keyword, simply use our geo- or keyword placeholders. Important: When using your ad image, we require the formats 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and 10:3 so that all layouts of our publishers can be used with your ad.


This function is optional, so skip this step if you want to book direct placements without keywords. If you want to define keywords, for example "Mallorca", our system filters for environments on the topic of Mallorca and places your ad there.

Book direct placements

Here you can book direct placements on websites or in email newsletters. First define relevant categories for you and, if necessary, select individual websites on which you would like to place your ad. You have the option to have the CPC ratio automatically optimized.