What are URL options and how can I use them?

In the frontend there is the possibility to set a click tracking template, custom URL parameters as well as a suffix for the final click URL.


The new URL options can be defined at account, campaign, ad group, ad or keyword level. Set options are automatically taken over from the lower levels and can be extended or overwritten there.

This allows, for example, repetitive tracking parameters to be defined once at campaign level and reused via click tracking template or in the impression tracking URLs using placeholders.

Use URL options

Final Click URL (formerly Target URL)

  • The final click URL is the website URL where a user lands after clicking on their ad.
  • Available for: Ads and Keywords
  • Example:

Suffix of the final click URL

  • The suffix is appended to the end of the final click URL.
  • Available for: Campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.
  • Example: utm={_custom1}&campaign={campaignname}

Click Tracking Template

  • The click tracking template is used to measure ad clicks (e.g. through a redirect).
  • The system placeholder "{lpurl}" serves as the final click URL incl. suffix.
  • Available for: Account, campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.
  • Example:{lpurl}

Custom URL parameters

  • Here you can define your own URL parameters (placeholders), which can be used in the final click URL, the suffix of the final click URL, the click tracking template or in the impression tracking URLs.
  • Up to 10 URL parameters can be defined per level
  • Available for: Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords
  • Example: {_source} = "adup"

In addition, you can define an alternative final click URL for mobile devices at ad and keyword level. Just like the "normal" click URL, you can use system placeholders and custom URL parameters here.


Final URL

Finale mobile URL

Finale URL Suffix

Custom Parameters

Tracking Template

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