What are dynamic ads and how do I use them?

In order to use Dynamic Ads, you must have at least one active campaign in your advertiser account, see the Advertiser Support page for more information.

What are Dynamic Ads?

We offer you the possibility to design your ads even better with the help of keywords. If you have a product feed, you can completely dynamize your ads depending on the keyword. This involves working with placeholders within the ad texts to enable targeted ad content. In the future, you will only need a few ad groups, because with the help of Dynamic Ads, your ads will be individualized depending on the keyword match.

How it works

The product ID establishes the connection between a keyword and the corresponding entry in your product feed. It is therefore essential that each keyword in a Dynamic Ads campaign has a final click URL with a matching product ID as a URL parameter. Multiple keywords can have the same final click URL and therefore the same product ID. If no keyword matching takes place or the given keyword does not have a final click URL or an invalid product ID, then the fallback values of the placeholders in the ad texts are used.

Dynamization can also be used for direct placements. According to the same principle, the product ID parameter is also used in the final click URL of an ad. Thus, the placeholders are replaced with dynamic elements from the feed.


You define the query parameter "pid" as the position of the product ID for your "Dynamic-Ads" campaign and the given keyword has the final click-URL "". The ID "123" is now searched for in your stored product feed and the corresponding placeholders in the ad texts are replaced with the values from the product feed (e.g. name or price). If you have also stored an image URL in your product feed, then this would also be used as an image for the displayed ad.