What do I pay as an advertiser?

We want our products to be accessible to everyone and we don't want there to be any barriers that prevent anyone from getting started in advertising.

CPC based billing

Our AdUp Ads Tool is based on max. CPC bids. In your campaign settings you set a max. CPC value for all or individually per keyword and placement. This way you only pay for the traffic that is already interested! On your invoice you will find the achieved clicks per month and campaign with the ø CPC price that we have achieved for you. You can see all costs in your advertiser account under "direct placements" or "keywords".

No contract periods, no fees, no minimum budget

At AdUp we like it simple. That's why there are no minimum budgets for your campaigns. We also don't require contract terms. There are no fees if you use our managed service. We focus on the performance of your campaigns, not paperwork.