Which placements should I choose for my campaign and how?

You only want to be played in a certain environment? No problem! With us, you always have control over the placement of your ads. Here we explain what you should pay attention to.

When you create a campaign with us, you can define environments by category for the placement of your ad. You also have the option to select individual websites as direct placements.

Placements in the Dashboard

The "Direct placements" tab in your advertiser dashboard gives you an overview of the performance of your campaigns on the respective websites. When evaluating your direct placements, the selected time period is always important. It can often be helpful to compare different time periods with each other.

When analysing the KPIs, you have the option of graphically comparing two key figures. If necessary, you can adjust the default setting Impression and Clicks using the arrow symbol. An overview of all KPIs of your campaigns is available in tabular form below the graphic. By clicking on the respective KPI, you can sort all direct placements in descending order according to this number. When adjusting CPCs, it is recommended to sort the placements by cost.