How do I create an advertiser account?

You want to become an advertiser with us? Great, here you'll find all the information you need to register and other important tips for starting your advertiser account.


Short and sweet

Go to or click on Login at the top right of the page and then select Register. Here you enter your data, assign a user name and password.

Important! Here you already enter your advertiser URL. Your advertisements must always link to the domain you have entered in the field Advertiser URL.

1 Account = 1 Advertiser Domain

What do we mean? Take a look at our example: Enter in the field Advertiser URL, then all ads of this account must link to the domain Of course, other landing pages of this domain may be used - for example The intermediate switching of ad server tracking links is also permitted, but the redirect must link to the corresponding advertising URL (domain). A violation leads to the immediate stop of your campaigns and to exclusion!

Based on the advertising URL, it is possible for publishers to blacklist certain advertisers from their website. If you want to change your advertising URL later, any existing campaigns in your account will be paused until the new entry in the Advertising URL field has been checked.

What if I want to advertise more than one advertiser domain?

If you would like to advertise more (several) domains, please register them under separate user accounts. You can do this in the same way as explained under 'Registration'. Then you can write to us with your two account IDs. We can link them for you in the background so that you only need one access despite having several accounts.

Account release

You will receive a confirmation mail to the address you entered. With the confirmation link you can now log in to your account. Please note that we first check all new registrations. Find out here on which criteria. Until the account is approved, your campaigns and ads cannot go live yet.