What pixels are there?

In order to be able to observe and evaluate your campaigns very precisely, we offer various possibilities to track them. You can read here which pixels help you to do this and how they are built in.

conversion pixel

The installation of the conversion pixel allows you to see conversions per campaign, ad group or ads as well as placements in your account. Based on this, you can assess the performance of your campaigns and ads, but also make adjustments to your CPC bids. If you use our automatic campaign control options, these systems are also based on the tracking of conversions.

Installation and detail page for the conversion pixel

Installation and detail page for S2S Tracking (Postback)

Engagement Pixel

With the help of the AdUp Pixel, the engagement of the respective traffic source can flow even more strongly into the optimization. Engagement is assessed based on session length and subsequent page impressions, and the tracked data serves as the basis of the engagement score for your campaign statistics.

Installation and detail page for the engagement pixel

retargeting pixel

If you want to run retargeting campaigns to retarget users who have already been to your site once, you need the Retargeting Pixel.

Installation and detail page for the retargeting pixel