How can I upload external conversions?

You want to start your performance campaign, but you don't have time to install the conversion pixel? Use our new feature and upload external conversions for your campaign. Read on and find out how.

Why should I upload external conversions?

If you don't want to use AdUp Tracking or can't use it fast enough, conversion data can be uploaded externally.

Conversion data is the crucial building block for the optimization of AdUp Ads. The better this information is, the more accurate the optimization can be using AdUp's machine learning algorithms.

Note: If automatic optimization is to be used for a campaign, we recommend AdUp Server-to-Server Conversion Tracking in order to transfer conversion data regularly and without delay and to optimize the campaign accordingly.

For whom is the external conversion upload relevant?

Advertisers who are able to track their own conversions including a transaction ID / click ID, because this is a prerequisite for the subsequent linking of the data points.

How do I use the external conversion upload?

Currently, the upload is available as Excel (xlsx) or CSV file. To do this, go to your account under 'Tools > Conversion Tracking'.

The following columns are possible

Here you can find all information about the parameters you can use.

Mandatory data

  • Transaction-ID
  • Conversion-Time


  • Description
  • Item-Number
  • Order-ID
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Total

General conditions

  • At least one active conversion code must exist.
  • A conversion upload must contain a transaction ID, otherwise it cannot be assigned in the statistics.
  • The conversion time must be specified as a timestamp in "Unix time".
  • The counting method of the conversion code used (Once or Every)
  • As soon as advertiser conversion data are available, only these are valid
  • Conversions are processed retrospectively for a maximum of 30 days
  • If the click is invalid, then the conversion is also invalid. External conversions are also only valid if the corresponding click is valid.
  • View conversions cannot be uploaded retrospectively because there is no transaction ID.
  • Each new upload overwrites the information of the previous uploads. Complete conversion data for one day should always be included for each upload.


How do I overwrite/correct a day?

The new upload always overwrites the contained days. I.e. per day, complete conversion data must always be included for one day per upload. This means that fewer, the same number or more conversions can be uploaded per day.

What should be included in the reporting at least in addition to the transcation ID?

Only the transaction ID and conversion time (in Unix time) are required. This information is sufficient to assign a conversion.

Which formats are possible?

Currently we offer "XLSX" and "CSV".