The manual optimization

Within your campaign settings, you can choose between different forms of optimization. What it has to do with it, we explain here!

Who is this interesting for and what is it?

You already have extensive experience in optimizing performance campaigns? Then manual campaign optimization is right for you! If you still want to use a target CPO to calculate protection factors, check out our post on assisted campaign optimization here.

How do I optimize manually?

In your advertiser account, you can access the direct placements via the campaign overview. If you have opted for manual optimization, all adjustments are made exclusively by you. It's best to sort your placements by clicks/conversions or costs and then see which max. CPCs should be adjusted. You can now optimize using the pencil icon under "Max. CPC". Important: Keep an eye on your direct placements regularly, because if the conversion costs exceed the planned limit, our system will not intervene.