The placement overview

The placement overview of your advertiser account is the most important dashboard during a campaign. Here you get all KPIs on the performance of your native ads, so that you can make important adjustments to the respective Max. CPCs depending on the type of optimization.

What is displayed?

All direct placements from our network are displayed. Sorted the way you want it. We recommend sorting either by cost or by clicks/conversions (if conversion tracking is active), so that the most relevant placements are displayed first. This way you can find out which placements perform best and which CPCs should be adjusted. Just click on the respective tab.

The important thing is always the time period selected at the top right. You can also use the displayed graphs to compare two KPIs for the selected period.

How do I use the overview?

The "Direct Placements" dashboard is the tool for adjusting the Max. CPCs of all placements in the AdUp network. If individual placements perform particularly well, the Max. CPC of the placement should be increased. Placements with low performance should either be deactivated completely or initially be given a very low Max. CPC at first. Either way: At this point of your advertiser account, your set budget can be optimally distributed to the placements.