What are split tests and how do I use them?

Find out why it can be helpful to have two advertising mediums compete with each other in this post.

What is a split test?

Split tests are often used during the course of a campaign to test which ad specifications work better in a particular ad unit, i.e. which ones appeal best to the user and lead to clicks and conversions.

In doing so, two independent ads can be played out in equal proportions over a set period of time - but it can also make sense to take a specific ad with minimal deviations into a split test. For example, the installation of a CTA button.

How do I create a split test?

If you have not yet created any pages, ad units or layouts, please refer to the linked support articles.

  1. In your AdUp Publisher account, select the Summary item under the Ad Management tab.
  2. Unfold the ad units of one of your pages using the plus sign on the left and click on one of your layouts.
  3. Now design a new layout with exactly the differences you want to test.
  4. To save your layout, do not click on 'save' but on 'save as'. A pop-up window will appear where you can name the new layout on the left side and select 'activate and don't change other layouts'.

This way you will see two layouts for the selected ad unit back on your ad management overview. In the 'Revenue per placement' reports section, you can use the 'Layout' grouping to compare the performance of the two variants using all relevant KPIs.