How do I design native layouts for my site?

The ad slots on your website offer various creative possibilities, which we would like to introduce to you in this article.

How can I customize layouts of my ad units?

Select the ad unit you want to edit or create a new one. In the "Edit ad unit" overview, you can select four further tabs in addition to "General". With these you can make creative changes to your ad unit.

What are the options for formatting?

Ad unit

Include your ad unit as Static-Ads or Responsive-Ads. The size of the ad unit, as well as the arrangement of the ads, are either fixed or depend on the available size of the surrounding HTML container on your page. Now define the format, whereby you have the choice between all classic formats such as a leaderboard (728x90), or define individual aspect ratios for your ad unit. After that, you can make further settings, such as how many ads should be placed in the block. For very large spaces, we recommend using columns or rows to deliver multiple ads in one ad unit.


Set whether the ad is an image-text ad or a text-only ad. For ads with image elements, you can first set the size of the image, as well as how it should be aligned in relation to the text.

Ad texts

In addition to the general font, this section is divided into title, ad text and ad link. You will find a slider to set the size of each text. Mouseover effects can be added under "Format". Important: Tools like the Colorpick Eyedropper (linking) allow you to pull color codes from your web pages and then paste them into your ad copy. This will make your ad look more native, which will make users click on it more often. You can also display a CTA button instead of the ad link. To do this, go to "Optional text elements" and activate the "Click2Action button". Again, it is recommended to use colors of your web pages while designing.

While designing, it is necessary to frequently go to the ad preview (to the right of the editing tools) and click on "Reload" there. This will ensure that all advertisers and their individual ads fit into your ad layout.For example, if the text is "cut off" in a layout, you should reduce the font size in your layout.