Get to know the Publisher KPI Overview

In the publisher frontend, you get an overview of the relevant KPIs of all ads on your website. Learn more about the most important key figures here.

What are the KPIs and what do they mean?

On your homepage, the "Revenue Summary", you get an overview of the performance of all ads on your website, sorted by date and measured by the following KPIs.

Impressions: The number of impressions is the basis for all other key figures and indicates how often ads were played on your site.

Clicks / avg. CTR: The average click-through rate is calculated from the ratio of impressions and clicks. The higher the CTR, the more often the ad was clicked.

avg. CPC: The average amount paid for the playout in an ad slot.

eTKP: The amount paid to reach 1000 contacts with one ad.

Important: Always make sure that you have set an appropriate time period. You can find the time period setting at the top right above the KPI overview.