How do I create an ad group?

An ad group can include one or more ads and associated keywords and/or direct placements. In this post, you'll learn what settings can be set at the ad group level.

Placement in the campaign process

After the general campaign settings such as name, budget and time span, the settings for ad groups are the second step on your way to the optimal campaign. You can then design the ads for your group and, if necessary, define keywords and direct placements.

What do I do in the ad group settings?

First, you give your ad group a name and set a max. CPC. This is always used for keywords and direct placements if no individual value is set there.

If several ads are placed in the ad group, you can use the ad rotation to determine which ad should be played out proportionally and how often. In the CTR-optimized variant, ads that are clicked on more often are played out more often (recommended). With even playout, all ads are played out evenly without taking their performance into account. Attention: This can negatively influence the quality factor of the ad group!

In addition, URL options can be set at ad group level. The values saved here are then automatically applied to all keywords and direct placements, unless these are given individual settings.