Why was I rejected?

Too bad you couldn't become part of our advertiser network. Each application is reviewed individually. Here we list the criteria that are used for evaluation. You can also find more information under requirements for advertisers.

In which language is your landing page?

AdUp is currently active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This means that our inventory consists of pages that are available in these countries. Advertiser registrations with landing pages that are not in German or Dutch can therefore often not be accepted.

Does your landing page have a correct imprint?

If the imprint obligation applies according to German law, a correct imprint is an important criterion for the evaluation of the registration.

Is your landing page accessible?

The landing page must be accessible at the time of the test.

Do you use pop-ups or overlays when closing the landing page?

Overlays or pop ups when closing the landing page can also lead to rejection.

Do you promote investment options with big profits?

We do not support campaigns that promise big profits by investing in trending topics, such as Bitcoin, CBD (+Cannabis) and Amazon.