How do I import an SEM account?

You already do search engine marketing? Our self-booking tool for advertisers will be familiar to you right away. Import your existing SEM accounts easily, quickly and efficiently.

Simply upload your AEA file in the advertiser frontendunder "Tools" > "Import SEM account"!

Notes on the AEA file

An AEA file must not exceed the file size of 4 MB. If your file is larger, just contact us so we can upload it for you.


  • Enter the campaign name, daily budget and start date at the campaign level.

Ad groups
  • At the ad group level, specify the ad group name and the maximum CPC default bid

  • Only text ads can be imported. Display, image, or WAP ads cannot be processed.
  • Specify a headline, ad text, displayed URL and final click URL for each ad.
  • For each keyword, define the keyword type (largely matching, exactly matching, matching phrase) and the status (=Active).
  • In addition, optionally define a maximum CPC per keyword and, if desired, a target URL per keyword.
Extensions, target groups, placements
  • Due to the differences in structure and scope between Google AdWords/Ads and AdUp, it is unfortunately not possible to import extensions, target groups and placements (not even excluding placements) via the AEA file.

After importing your AEA file

Define ad networks
  • Once your campaigns have been successfully imported into AdUp, you can define the desired ad networks for your campaigns.

Upload ad images
  • Want to add images to your campaigns quickly and easily? If you have created extensive campaigns for different products, you can simply send us a generic motif for your campaigns (logo, picture brand or similar). We will gladly perform the import for you for all ads. Alternatively, you can use the bulk upload, which is called up via the edit menu.