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Frequently Asked Questions

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising at Ad Up Technology.

Ad Specifications

Optimum image sizes, maximum number of characters and further informations.

Import A SEM Account

Import your existing SEM accounts easily, quickly and efficiently.


Contains useful documents and current specifications for image/text ads.

URL Options

URL options enable central management of tracking parameters.

Performance Optimization

Native Retargeting

Based on your product feed and the customer's interest, ad templates will be dynamically composed for each product by using placeholders in the ad text.

Dynamic Ads

We offer you the possibility to design your ads even better with the help of keywords. If you have a product feed, you can completely dynamise your ad texts in this way.

Keyword Targeting

With keyword targeting, ads are automatically targeted either content-sensitively on thematically relevant websites, on matching search queries of the user or on optimally matching search queries recently saved in the user profile.

Geo Targeting

With our postal code geo targeting we offer you the possibility to address your target groups even more specifically: Precise to the fifth postal code digit.



Use AdUp Technology conversion tracking to determine which of your campaigns and keywords are the most efficient and increase your ROI.


The "Engagement Score" provides information about the users behaviour after clicking on your ad. This is a first indicator of performance before any conversion informations are available.

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