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Welcome to our website! Here you find frequently asked questions about Advertising at AdUp.

How do I become an advertiser?

Simply fill out the registration from for advertisers. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation email from us, which you can use to register in the tool and start creating your first campaign immediately.

Which publishers does AdUp work with?

We work together with a large number of publishers from various fields. We specialize primarily in the travel sector, but we also have many partners in the general interest sector. These include, Spiegel Online, sport1 and many more, which belong to Axel Springer's portfolio.

Which advertisers work together with AdUp?

As in the area of publishing, we also utilize the Axel Springer portfolio and cooperate with Stepstone and Idealo, but also with customers such as Parship and, among others. Our travel advertisers include TUI,, L'Tur, Robinson and many others.

How do I create a campaign and what do I have to bear in mind?

Create a campaign in the advertiser frontend under "Campaigns" > "New campaign". Give the campaign a name and set your budget. You have the choice between daily or total budget. Daily budget means a fixed amount that is available every day. Total budget means that you set a sum for the entire duration of your campaign. You can also choose between standard or accelerated delivery. Standard delivery means that your budget will be spread over the whole day or the whole duration, depending on which budget type you have activated. Accelerated delivery means that ads are delivered as quickly as possible. It can happen that your budget is used up before the end of the day or the campaign period and the ad placement is stopped. A campaign can have several ad groups.

What should I bear in mind when creating a new ad group?

Assign a meaningful name for the ad group and set the maximum CPC (the maximum amount you are willing to pay to click on your ad). Our CPO-minimizing auction algorithm ensures that you only pay as much as you need for every single click. An ad group can have multiple ads.

What should I bear in mind when creating a new ad?

Ad texts in AdUp can be provided with placeholders that are replaced by matched keywords (Keyword Targeting) or with values from your product feed (Dynamic Ads or Native Retargeting). This enables you to create very powerful, diverse campaigns in a short time and with little effort, which always contain an attractive and target-oriented ad text. To increase your reach, you should upload images that match your ad texts. You can do this quickly and easily using the image wizard. Simply upload the desired image and select a suitable section. For more information, see the Image Formats & Ad Specifications Page.

What do I need to consider when using keywords?

If you have defined keywords for your ad group, AdUp will place your ads optimally matching the content of our network's premium websites, the user's search queries or the user's recently saved search queries. With our Keyword Targeting and our auction-based real-time marketplace, we achieve an enormously high degree of efficiency. You also have the option to limit the advertising network for your keywords by specifying individual categories or websites. Note, however, that this reduces the reach of your campaign!

How do direct placements work?

You also have the possibility to select  websites or newsletters directly. Simply select the entire premium network, individual topic channels or only certain websites/newsletters. Delivery via direct placements is independent of Keyword Targeting. Your ads will not be context-sensitive. You can add, edit or remove direct placements at any time. To greatly increase your reach, it can be useful to display your ad group both via keywords and direct placements.

How is it decided how often and where my ads will be played?

Whether your creative appears in an AdUp placement depends on its ad rank on this competitive position. The CPC bid (max. CPC - maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad) and a constantly recalculated quality factor for your ad are the main factors used to calculate the ad rank of your creative. The quality factor is influenced in particular by the click through rate in terms of keyword or environment, the performance of your account and other factors. A higher quality factor improves the ranking of your ad while maintaining the maximum CPC. Efficient ads with matching keywords also increase the click through rate of your ads. Efficient ads are characterized by coordinated, attractive images and text. You also have the option of storing several ads in one ad group. AdUp's optimization algorithm optimizes your ad group in such a way that the most powerful ads are displayed more often. This improves the quality factor of the ad group and your cost per order (CPO) can be optimized automatically.

How to track conversions?

Use our Conversion-Tracking, to determine which of your campaigns and keywords are most efficient and increase your ROI. You can also track what actions follow after you click on an ad, such as buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter.

Can I import campaigns from an existing SEM account?

You already do search engine marketing in the travel sector? You will be familiar with our self-booking tool for advertisers right from the start. Import your existing SEM accounts easily, quickly and efficiently. More information can be found at importing an SEM-Accounts.

How do I add funds to my account?

Create a reference number in the advertiser-frontend on the page "My account" > "Execute payment" and enter it with your bank transfer. Shortly after we have received your bank transfer with the corresponding reference number, we will credit the amount to your user account. This can also start the placement of your ads. The advertising fee will be invoiced monthly. The invoice will be stored electronically in your user account 10 days after the end of the month. We will inform you as soon as your credit becomes too low. Depending on AdUp's credit rating, you also have the option of making additional payments. In order to ensure proper payment, AdUp reserves the right to carry out a credit check. In this case, the advertising fee will be invoiced to you monthly 10 days after the end of each month and stored in your user account in electronic form for inspection. The invoice amount must be paid within the agreed payment period. In the case of the payment option subsequent payment, the first ad placement takes place after agreement between you and AdUp. If the advertising fee does not exceed the amount of €50, AdUp is entitled not to invoice it immediately, but to carry it forward to the next billing date. If the advertising fee in the calendar month is less than €10, AdUp can charge a processing fee of €5, unless you can prove any lower costs. Irrespective of this, AdUp Technology reserves the right to discontinue deliveries and services until the claims have been settled.

How is the invoice issued?

The payment options for advertisers are divided into the categories prepayment and postpayment.


You always have the possibility to activate your advertiser account by means of prepayment, i.e. with prepayment you pay for your advertising costs in advance. You can add funds to your user account at any time by transferring it to the bank account specified by AdUp Technology in the user account. The costs incurred for clicks will be deducted from your prepayment balance. The ad placement will be stopped if your user account no longer has any credit. The ad placement will be continued as soon as a new payment for your user account has been processed and your user account shows a prepayment credit again. Where and when will my invoice be deposited? The advertising fee will be invoiced monthly. The invoice contains a statement of your advance payments and is stored in the user account in electronic form for inspection 4 days after the end of the month and is thus deemed to have been received by the advertiser.


Depending on a credit check by AdUp, you also have the opportunity to make additional payments. In this case, the advertising costs will be charged to you monthly 4 days after the end of each month. With the payment option "postpayment", the ad delivery takes place after an agreement between AdUp Technology and the advertiser. Where and when will my invoice be deposited? Your invoice will be stored in electronic form in your user account for inspection 4 days after the end of each month and is thus deemed to have been received. The invoice is then due immediately and without deduction and the invoice amount must be transferred to the specified account within 7 days, stating the invoice number shown on the invoice. If the advertising fee does not exceed the amount of €50, AdUp Technology is entitled not to invoice it immediately, but to carry it forward to the next billing date.

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