How does retargeting work?

In order to use native retargeting, you must have at least one active campaign in your advertiser account. You can find out more on the Advertiser Support page.

Why does retargeting optimize my performance?

Not every user converts directly at the first click! With our native retargeting solution, users are addressed again at exactly the right time on exactly the right publisher. Thus, you recall your brand at the right time in the user's memory. Our algorithm continuously optimizes your specific campaign and thus achieves outstanding results. Through the native integration, you also benefit from optimal click-through and conversion rates.

Retargeting advantages at a glance

  • AdUp Retargeting is fully-fledged and 100% product-specific. This means that the user is only shown the products that are relevant to him. With the help of your product feed, beautiful, individualized ads are created.
  • Our retargeting ads are played out in the usual native layouts and thus fit perfectly into the look and feel of the respective publisher site. Thus, these ads benefit from the high trust of native advertising.
  • A retargeting campaign is the perfect complement to existing campaigns. Through remarketing, users who have not yet converted can be retargeted with product-specific ads and ultimately converted successfully.
  • Our well-known CPC billing model also offers the usual transparency and clarity in retargeting. Different segments (e.g. shopping cart value >500€) can be formed in order to allocate targeted CPCs.
  • The best thing at the end: There is no minimum volume and no minimum budget! Simply start a non-binding test and let yourself be convinced by the performance.

How it works

We offer you the possibility to use the familiar native design of our image-text ads for retargeting already interested customers. Based on yourproduct feed and the customer's interest, ad blanks are dynamically assembled individually foreach product using placeholders in thead texts. The basis for the technology is our retargeting tracking, which is installedon the relevant pages of your website. Different tracking offers you, for example, the possibility to distinguish between different page depths, product categories, tracking periods or user groups and thus to price in adapted CPCs.