Guidelines for the integration of AdUp advertising media

When designing AdUp ads, you have a wide range of design options that allow for optimal adaptation to the layout of your page. We want you to optimally adapt our ad formats to the look & feel of your page and thus achieve maximum click rates.

To also ensure the long-term satisfaction of our advertisers, AdUp defines some guidelines that you must adhere to when designing your ads:

Labeling of the ads

  • You can choose different labels (classification of the ad unit) in our publisher tool, such as "AdUp Ads" or "Ads". Please use only the labels provided in the system and no additional, self-created headings that are intended to encourage the user to click on the ads (e.g. "insider tip" or "more links").
  • Furthermore, pure text ads that are displayed in the content area must always contain an ad text so that the ad is also perceived as an advertisement by outsiders.


Site Content Guidelines

  • Sites with AdUp ads may not contain or link to the following content:
  • Pornographic or other adult content
  • Content that glorifies violence
  • Racist content or content that disparages individuals, groups, or organizations
  • Excessively vulgar contentHacking and cracking content
  • Content related to illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Content for the sale of prescription drugs
  • Content for the sale of weapons or ammunition, such as firearms, firearm accessories, combat knives, or stun guns
  • Content for the sale of replicas or imitations of designer products or other goods.
  • Any Content that is illegal, promotes illegal activities, or infringes the rights of others.


Visitor sources

AdUp ads may not be placed on sites that participate in pay-to-click programs.


Ad Placements

You are welcome to experiment with our ads and test new placements. The use of our ads in emails or software is prohibited. This excludes embedding in newsletters.


Clicking on ads

Clicking on your own ads is prohibited and may result in deactivation of your AdUp account. Please do not ask other users to click on the ads. Own methods that influence the click-through rate or number of impressions are prohibited.


Number of ads

Basically, you can place up to four ad units on one page. You can define the size and width of the ad units yourself, but you should ensure that no more than 10 ads can appear in one ad unit.