Geo Targeting

Postal Code Targeting
Postal code targeting offers you the possibility to target precisely down to the city or even district level. Thus it is possible to bring regionally and locally relevant offers to the right target group and to implement special geo-strategies.
In order to use postal code targeting, you must have at least one active campaign in your advertiser account. Further Information regarding this can be found on Advertiser FAQ.

How It Works

In the first step of creating a campaign you'll find the section 'Geo Targeting'. It is possible here to specify either regions or postal codes. The postal codes consist of five digits and can be separated by comma, space, semicolon or line break. You can add as much postal codes as possible.



Things To Consider

Postal code targeting works best for desktop traffic, tablets and smartphones using Wi-Fi. Campaigns with postal code targeting should have a higher CPC than campaigns without. In addition to the postal code targeted campaign, a campaign without targeting should be created in order to leverage the full traffic potential. 

Geo Placeholder

Due to the better data basis for geo targeting, geo placeholders are now available. Geo placeholders can be used to insert the German names of countries, regions (federal states/cantons) and cities into the ad text.





Discover the most beautiful places to travel in {geo_country:Europe}.

Discover the most beautiful places to travel in Germany.


Vacation in {geo_region:relaxed atmosphere}.

Vacation in Bavaria.


Find singles in {geo_region:your area}.

Find singles in Berlin.

Please note that it is not possible to determine geo data for every user, sometimes due to technical restriction only parts of the geo information may be determined (e.g. only country or region). Therefore it's important to use ad texts with a proper fallback value.


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