Information on usage-based online advertising (OBA)

The advertising of this website is optimized for you by anonymously collecting and processing your usage behavior based on predicted interests. For this purpose, a cookie is stored on your computer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of your computer and allow recognition, but do not allow personal identification of your person.

Responsible for data collection:

Axel Springer Teaser Ad GmbH Axel-Springer-Strasse 65 10888 Berlin.

What data is collected?

Information about your activities on our website (e.g. advertising banners clicked, sub-pages visited, etc.) is collected under a pseudonym, possibly in connection with anonymous data from online questionnaires. The IP address of your computer, which is transmitted for technical reasons, is completely anonymised by an independent third party and is not used for the controlled insertion of advertising. As it cannot be ruled out according to the current legal situation that the collected data may allow an indirect reference to a person, all usage data is stored using a pseudonym, so that personal identification is virtually ruled out.

If you no longer wish to receive usage-based advertising, you can use the following link to object and deactivate the data collection:

Google Inc

AdUp Technology works in partnership with Google Inc.

For more information on the Google Inc privacy policy, click here.


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In general, you can prevent cookies from being stored on your hard drive by selecting "do not accept cookies" in your browser settings. You can also set your browser to ask you if you agree before setting cookies. Finally, you can also delete cookies once they have been set at any time. Please refer to your browser manufacturer's instructions for details of how all this works. If you do not accept cookies, this may lead to functional restrictions of the website in individual cases.

Please note that if you delete cookies, you will also have to reactivate the opt-out link.

As a company, we have also voluntarily submitted to the self-regulation of the German Data Protection Council Online Advertising (DDOW). You can view the self-regulation code that applies to us at the following