Engagement Tracking


To be able track the engagement on your website, you must have at least one active campaign in your advertiser account. You can find out more on Advertiser FAQ.

How It Works

With the use of the AdUp pixel, the engagement of different traffic sources can be applied even more strongly into campaign optimization. The engagement is measured on the basis of session length and further page impressions.
The tracked data serves as the basis for the engagement score in your campaign statistics.


The "Engagement Score" provides information about the behaviour after clicking your ad. This is a first performance indicator even before conversion information is available.

Try to get traffic with high engagement to buy as many active users as possible. Compare your creatives with the help of the engagement score. A comparison is particularly useful between two campaigns, adgroups, ads, keywords or direct placements, as it is a relative indication. A single time based comparison (e.g. engagement of "Ad 1" 14 days ago and 7 days ago) therefore does not make sens.

Please note that the engagement is not a trend, but reflects the activity of the acquired users for the selected period. Also, a lower CPC, and thus less acquired traffic, will not change the engagement score.

The engagement model always refers to the average activities of the last 30 days. The values are therefore constantly updated.


Two conditions must be fulfilled for an engagement score to be displayed in the frontend:

1) There must be an engagement model for the advertiser, which in turn requires at least 100 clicks.

2) An engagement score is only displayed for an entity (campaign, ad group, placement, keyword or ad) when the entity has collected about 30 clicks with engagement.

Adding The AdUp Pixel To Your Website

In order to evaluate the engagement, you only have to integrate the following script on your website.
Please note that the AdUp pixel must be placed on all pages (including subpages and booking confirmation pages). This can be done, for example, simply by using the (Google)Tag Manager

The active integration code for your account ID can be viewed on the page "Tools" > "Engagement Tracking" in the Advertiser Frontend

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Normally, we fetch the required GDPR data automatically via the TCF API which ist running on the website. 

If this is not available or it is not possible to use it for technical reasons, then you have the possibility of submitting the GDPR data manually here.​ The values can be passed as optional query string parameters:


1 = GDPR applies

0 = GDPR does not apply

(omit) = Unknown (default)


The IAB consent string (base64url-encoded)




The options are passed via URL parameters directly when the script is called.


Alternatively, the desired parameters can also be transferred subsequently (i.e. during runtime) via the global JSON object "adup".


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