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Native Performance Marketing

Sustainable Advertising Impact

Placements aligned in the look and feel of the site are perceived as an integral part of the website.

Strong Converting Placements

The ads benefit from the credibility of the editorial environment and achieve high
click- and conversion-rates.

The Right Format on All Devices


Whether desktop, tablet or mobile  the advertisement is present and high quality integrated in the content.

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AdUp Native Advertising


Every impression, every click and every conversion of your campaign is displayed transparently and clearly. So you keep a plain overview on which devices and which websites your ad is outplayed.



Achieve your desired target CPA through conversion optimization and retargeting.

Simple & Plain


Our tool is easy to use even for beginners. With just a few clicks, you can create your first campaign. And if you do not have the time, our free managed service will help you to start your first campaign without much effort.

AdUp – Native Ads


AdUp – Native Ads

Native Advertising

Our basic product, native advertising, must not be missing in any performance marketing mix. As an advertiser you benefit from exclusive placements, such as native newsletter integration, outstanding conversion rates and maximum cost transparency. Of course, you can actively control all this via our frontend. More about native advertising

Geo Targeting

With geo targeting it is possible to design creatives even better and more relevant. The direct mention of the location increases the click rate in performance marketing and ensures a more targeted user approach. In case of geographical constraints, geo targeting can be carried out down to the postcode level in order to address only relevant users. You can find more information at geo targeting

Native Retargeting

AdUp Native Retargeting combines the high click rates of native advertising with the relevance of retargeting. This combination offers you the unique opportunity to address users again in exclusive placements and highly relevant environments. Interested? Fill out the contact form and together we will find the optimal setup for your campaign.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is something you can’t miss in performance marketing. It automatically targets ads in a context-sensitive manner on thematically relevant websites or on matching search queries of the user. The advertising relevance thus increases tremendously and ensures outstanding performance, especially in special interest environments. Tips for keyword targeting can be found here

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