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Native Ad Technology.

Technology – self-developed

Agile Development

Flexibility and scalability are our big plus. Our algorithms are constantly evolving, so we are always one step ahead and can deliver you the best performance.

Context Sensitivity for Maximum Performance

Millions of keywords are automatically processed in the background and played out in a context-sensitive way. They are generated from a variety of sources, such as the website URL or special queries.

Open RTB & PreBid

We support Open RTB and Open RTB native. In addition, we have developed our own PreBid adapter and successfully participate in PreBid Auctions

Tools & Technologies

Never Stop Learning

Verified Brand-Safety

Our self-developed tool regularly checks and monitors programmatic traffic. State-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms, as well as manual inspections, generate maximum Brand-Safety. Thus, you can sleep peacefully while your campaigns are online.

Smart Pricing by AdUp

The quality of the clicks is our priority. If our monitoring algorithms find sources with a conversion probability below the average, your bid will automatically be adapted. In this way, we protect your advertising budgets and secure cause-related advertising revenues.



We filter unwanted site visitors such as bots or crawlers and also identify click fraud. Statistical procedures as well as years of experience help us to actively fight Click-Fraud.

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