Native Ads 

for Publishers.

Benefits of AdUp

Easy & Efficient


For any form of configuration or integration: Our algorithms in the background will ensure an efficient increase in sales, which can be monitored, analyzed and controlled accurately.

Individuality & Usability


Customize and adjust your ad units as individually as possible to your website. We support you with exceptional usability.



The use of Responsive Layouts ensures that the ads are always displayed optimally - no matter which device.

Native Newsletter Integration

Native advertising spaces in your newsletter will open up a large market with opportunities for a high turnover. Individual and special layouts for mobile placements increase sales.

Every Format - Always Native



Whether normal, targeting or retargeting campaign – all only through one partner. Our campaign pool consists of several different types and offers you the opportunity to profit from all campaigns with just a simple integration.

CPM-optimized Playout

Our self-developed bidding algorithm determines and displays, considering all campaigns, the ad with the highest expected CPM. The native integration is supported by keywords, call backs and lazy loading.

The Right Format for Every Website

Use our native style tools and the variety of possibilities to freely design your placement for your website. Choose between templates for Standard-Banners like Billboard, Half-Page-Ad, Medium Rectangle or Superbanner, or adapt the placements to the individual look and feel of your website. 

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