Information on usage-based online advertising (OBA)

Anonymous data is saved by using cookies in your browser. A cookie is a short text file in a database or in a specific directory on a computer. It is passive and is herefore unable to contain viruses or Trojans. It is also unable to cause damage to other programs on your computer. A cookie consists of a name and an associated value or content, which enables the users’ re-identification. In the case of anonymous data processed by Ad Up, this includes your personal usage behavior, e.g. information on webpage accesses. Cookies are not used to identify the user personally but only in order to evaluate internal data.


Responsible for data collection:
Axel Springer Teaser Ad GmbH
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What kind of data is collected?

Anonymous usage data is collected only. This contains anonymous information about website page impressions and clicks by a reader. The current legal situation does not exclude an indirect personal relation to the collected data. Therefore usage data is saved via a pseudonym making the personal identification nearly impossible.

Google Inc

Ad Up is associated to Google Inc. In order to get more information about the Google Inc Policy, please click here.

Clicking the Opt-Out button above will opt you out of behavioral advertising delivered by Ad Up.

Please note: In order to identify you as a user who has opted out, you must allow cookies in your browser. The creation of an opt-out cookie is required to prevent Ad Up from creating its identification cookie again the next time a partner is accessed. If you delete the cookies in your browser, you must also repeat the opt-out procedure. If you use several computers or web browsers, you need to carry out the opt-out procedure using each one individually. Opting out does not prevent advertisements and pop-ups on your computer, but instead only the provision of adaptive advertisements by Ad Up.

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