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Establishing Performance Marketing

Start your campaign on the most performative native platform in Germany. You will benefit from high-performance environments, transparency and granular control options.

Our Partners Appreciate

High Usability


Our performance tool is designed to run simple and more complex processes intuitively.

Efficiency and Transparency


The clarity of the interface ensures efficient and transparent use of all analysis options.

Safety and Accuracy


Our algorithms provide performance-oriented delivery on self-reviewed inventory.

Reliable Partnerships

We are your reliable partner for performance campaigns and are happy to help you with any subject. If you have any questions regarding our tool or an offer, please let us know!

High Performance Features

Keyword Targeting


Keyword targeting works context-sensitive and matches ads automatically with either thematically relevant websites, with the users' search queries or their recently saved matching search queries.

Dynamic Ads


Free parameters in your ad text can be used to adopt the matching keywords dynamically and automatically in your ad. In this way, very powerful and diverse campaigns are created in a short time and with little effort, including an attractive and keyword-specific ad text.

Native Retargeting


With Ad Up Retargeting you have the possibility to use the usual native design of the image-text ads to re-address already interested customers. Based on a product feed and the customers' interest, ad blanks are dynamically assembled individually for each individual product.

Motion Video Ads


The new Ad Up native Video Ads are the perfect match for your existing campaign. Persuade users for your special offer and transfer emotions with the help of the new native video-text-combination.

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