How do I set the time period and playout area in ARA?

After you have decided on your campaign target, you can find out how to set the time period and playout area here.


To define the playout area for your campaign, enter an address and select how large the radius should be set via the "Range" slider. Many postcodes will then appear below the slider. Here you can go into the fine tuning. Use the minus sign next to the postcodes to deselect certain areas. If you decide otherwise, you can simply add the postcode again using the plus sign that then appears.

If you want to add individual postcodes that are not part of your radius, you can enter them separated by commas or spaces below under "Additional postcodes".

If you are satisfied, click on "Next".

Set time period

In the next step, you can give the campaign a name. Make sure that the name is meaningful for you. Then, under "Duration", select the period during which your campaign is to be played out.

In the next step you will learn how to set your budget.