How do I create advertising media in ARA?

Almost done - as the last step before completing the order, you can now design your advertising material. You don't need a graphic designer or an agency. How do you do it? Read on.

Media selection

There are different formats in the advertising world. After entering your target URL (where users go when they click on your ad), you can upload ads for three classics - Superbanner, Sky and Medium Rectangle.

Design yourself

If you don't have any ready-made advertising material, you can click on the "Design" button and get creative yourself. Upload an image, write a headline and description text and choose the background and foreground color of the texts. In the preview on the right side you can see the intermediate state and change the position of the elements. When you are satisfied, click on Save Banner. You can do this process for all three formats if you want them all to be part of your campaign. Finally, click on continue.

On the order overview you can check all settings again and order your campaign with one click.