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At AdUp, we believe that digital advertising should be possible for everyone! That's why we developed ARA. ARA stands for AdUp Regio Ads and is a tool that combines all the advertising expertise and performance in 4 simple steps. So everyone in their community can achieve exactly the exposure they deserve. Read on and find out more!


Your own regional campaign in just 4 steps. Select the campaign target, choose the time period and the area to be played, set the budget and upload or design the advertising material.


With our colleagues at Axel Springer Regional Marketing, your experts are just a phone call away. You have questions or want some input for your campaign. They are happy to help!


The ARA tool is based on the same mechanisms as its big brother the AdUp Ads tool. Every function is designed to find the best environments for your campaign and to enable maximum reach.

You want to learn more_

Our ARA Sales colleagues will be happy to advise you and show you the way to registration. Click on the button and write to us!

What's new_

Every day we work on new features that others only dream of. Here you can see what we have taken live as the last.

What is the next step_

The ARA tool is simple and effective at the same time. Become part of our Regio Advertising Community and sign up.

More questions_

Visit the ARA support page. There you will find everything you need to know about starting your advertiser account as well as tips and tricks for new and old functions.

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AdUp Technology is part of the Axel Springer family_

Together with all other advertising market-related business segments of Axel Springer SE, we at AdUp are a company of Axel Springer All Media GmbH.

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